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Since Andrew started to market my business through LinkedIn I have seen a major increase in activity. I am receiving around 100 profiles views per week and according to LinkedIn Statistics I have received 1226 profile views in the last 90 days.Andrews efforts over the last few months have resulted in some great contacts and some outstanding sales contracts.I would highly recommend if you want to market your business through LinkedIn you make contact with Andrew ASAPPS. We have probably received around 30k of business so far with the potential for that to increase 10 fold in the next 12 months and the sales pipeline is over 1million with the majority of links being bolstered through LinkedIn.

by Kevin Wright on UK Business Connector
I get extra business from my LinkedIn connections thanks to Andrew

I knew that marketing via LinkedIn, following up with new connections, keeping in touch with existing connections, posting articles were all good ways to create more interest and awareness of my business. Problem was time, with so many other things to focus on LinkedIn sort of got forgotten and, although I was aware of the need to do something with it, LinkedIn never quite made it onto my front burner.

I no longer have to worry about that because Andrew Kotek from UK Business Connector sorts it all out for me. I get the results I want with none of the effort. Now I get extra business from my LinkedIn connections and that more than covers Andrews costs

by Phil Lightfoot on UK Business Connector
No reservations in recommending his services

Andrew is an expert craftsman, delivering outstanding solutions, workmanship and a truly high quality product.

He is an expert in his field, he manages to combine professionalism with an understated approach to his work.

His work is unique and bespoke and he provides a useful guidance and an expert eye on what will work best for each client.

​I have no reservations in recommending his services

by Janice Russell Dexter on UK Business Connector
I am pleased to recommend him

I began using Andrew’s services two months ago, and am delighted with the outcomes. My profile is a lot higher on LinkedIn with an increase in views of over 300%,not only that I am more in touch with what others have to offer for me, so a complete win win.

I have done more networking (have doubled my number of contacts), found a supplier for something I needed, won a new client, and made a contribution to a community project.

Andrew is getting to know my business and preferred style more and more due to his individual contact with me, and I like his ethical position.

I am pleased to recommend him.

by David Spraggins on UK Business Connector
I would highly recommend Andrew

I recently approached Andrew to assist me with my LinkedIn Marketing, and in just 2-3 weeks, my activity with the number of messages and notifications have increased substantially.

And this is with Andrew just doing 1 hour per day Monday to Friday.

Andrew also took time to understand whom my target customers are, so connections that are made, fit the profile of the people that I believe would have an interest in DMS Group of Companies.

My profile views are up 68%, and I rank in the top 1% of all my connections, which is number 17 out of 2,089.

If you are on LinkedIn and don’t feel you are getting any benefits from it, or you just haven’t got the time, then I would highly recommend Andrew.